High Holy Day & Sukkot through Simchat Torah Registration

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If you are not currently a member of HCS, please register at least 24 hours in advance of the first event you wish to attend, and we will contact you with details. Members do not need to register; details of all events will be sent to you by email.

Please note that each event, or cluster of adjacent events listed beside a single check box on the form, has a different Zoom link (meeting ID and password), so you need to specify each event of interest.

For events not listed below, please click here.

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Please check all events you wish to attend. If you check a box with multiple events, you will be able to use the Zoom link we send you to attend any or all of them.

Please give us the names of anyone who will be joining you at any of the events. If any of them will be using their own devices, please also give their Zoom names so that we can recognize and admit them.

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Clicking this button should invoke your mail client; you will need to send the email to register. We are working on improving this process.
If your mail client does not come up, please save this page as PDF (File > Print and then select "Save as PDF" as your printer), and then send email to registration@hebrewcongregationofsomers.org with the saved PDF file as an attachment. Thank you!