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Hebrew Congregation of Somers (HCS)

Judaism has always evolved to meet the needs of the times and this time is no different. We are a congregation with Reconstructionist leanings. At HCS we encourage living a mitzvah-centered life instead of a self-centered life. With a spirit of joy, music, and creativity we bring more light, more love, more healing and more justice to the world.

We celebrate diversity in our community and welcome all races, genders and sexual identifications. Family members who are not Jewish are a valued part of our community. Our members have a wide diversity of beliefs and these differences are welcomed.


Now more than ever, we affirm that we are better together than separate, and that our strength arises from our connections to one another, even when we can’t gather in person. As did the Jews of the past, we build our sanctuary wherever we go as we navigate our lives, together.

Lifelong learning

Our Hebrew school and adult education programs are thriving. In order to build community, we encourage intergenerational involvement between our Hebrew school and our larger congregation. Our spiritual and educational leadership teams provide a balance of skills and strengths including storytelling, puppetry, meditation, movement and music.

When we gather for study, singing, intergenerational programs and lively holiday gatherings, we always bring great reverence for each vantage point, each story, each soul. Each day that we engage in planning, praying, learning and growing and working for justice, we witness the sparks of the Divine that make up our community.

Service and activism

At HCS, our volunteers and lay leaders are the heart-center of our community. There are a multitude of ways to get involved for those interested in doing so. Day to day, volunteers work to sustain the life of our HCS and larger community. For those who wish, there are opportunities to pursue with passion important social causes: justice, inclusion, peace and building a sustainable planet. Read our anti-racism statement.

May we continue to go from strength to strength.