HCS Happenings, September 2, 2020


Saturday September 05, 10:00 AM
Saturday Morning Shabbat Services
Friday night services-September
Friday Sept. 11
Friday Sept. 18 (Erev Rosh Hashana)
Friday Sept. 25 

Saturday morning Shabbat Services-September
Sat. Sept. 5
Sat. Sept. 12
Sat. Sept. 19 (Rosh Hashana)
Sat. Sept. 26 Shabbat Shuvah

First day of Hebrew School 
Sunday September 13 

Have you taken a gander yet at our incredible new website?! (Thank you Harold and Peri and the whole website crew!)

Please click here for our exciting High Holy Day Schedule! 

Covid: Stories of Hope story project

Calling all HCS-ers! (That's you too, kids!) 


Our theme for the High Holy Days is HOPE. We would love to hear your stories, and Rabbi Shosh would love to integrate some of your experiences into our holiday programs (without names attributed).


Have you experienced a moment of HOPE during this Covid era ? Have you seen something that brightened your day or done something that lit up your heart- or someone else's heart- and filled you with glorious (or gritty!) HOPE? Let's share that beautiful HOPE with each other and spread that light!

Please write up your story of hope and email to Jill: hcsprogramming@gmail.com with the subject heading "HOPE"! Your story can be a few sentences or a few pages. Contact Jill if you need some support or to brainstorm ideas for your story. She will turn this into a HCS original compilation that we will have to support us during the holidays. This is one more way that we will be together this year!